how to paint wood stairs

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  • Can I paint my staircase?

  • A fresh coat of paint can transform your staircase without a lot of money. These two-toned white and brown stairs from In My Own Style are proof that painted stairs work in any home. Blogger Diane ripped out old carpet and refreshed her hardwood stairs with a little paint and wood stain for less than $25. Continue to 4 of 22 below.

  • How do you clean wood stairs before painting?

  • Use a cleaning detergent diluted with water, and rinse with clean water afterwards. Let the wood dry out completely after you鈥檝e washed it 鈥?this might take a day or two. Paint the stairs with your primer first.

  • How do you make painted stairs slippery?

  • If you’re worried about your painted stairs being slippery, you might want to add a grit to the paint to give it a bit of texture. Simply mix that in with whatever color you opt for and paint as normal. Be sure to let your stairs dry completely (at least overnight, ideally 24 hours) before walking on them.

  • How to paint stair treads?

  • Use a paint brush to cut in at the edges and allow them to dry before using the staircase as usual. 5. How to paint stair treads To paint the treads, you’ll want to use a roller and apply the paint as before.

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