how to paint wooden toys

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  • What kind of paint do you use on wooden toys?

  • All Natural Milk Paint Milk Paint is the most obvious first choice for wooden toys. It鈥檚 the only 100% natural paint and it is the safest choice. It鈥檚 made of milk protein (casein), limestone, clay, chalk, and natural pigments. It comes in a powder and you mix it yourself with water.

  • How to paint a plastic toy?

  • How to Paint Plastic Toys 1 Choose the Right Paint. For plastic and wooden toys, your best bet is either hobby-based acrylic paint or lacquer paint. … 2 Prepare the Piece. Before you begin painting, clean the toy thoroughly with soapy water, then let it dry completely. … 3 Apply Basecoat. … 4 Paint Details. … 5 Clear Coat and Dry. …

  • How do you get paint to stick to wood?

  • Lightly sand the toy just to rough the finish and scuff it up. This helps the paint adhere to the toy. Clean off the dust with a tack cloth or damp rag. Make sure the wood is completely dry before applying any paint. If you’re unsure, let it sit overnight.

  • Can You stain unfinished wooden toys?

  • Fortunately, unfinished wooden toys (or unfinished wood of ANY type), is quite simple to stain, and it takes color so beautifully that you may never want to paint wood again. Here鈥檚 how to do it: The secret to staining these small, unfinished wooden toys is to use liquid watercolors.

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