how to put wood stove pipe through wall

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Decide the location where you want to install the wood stove. 2. Make a mark of a circle on the wall by using awood stove wall thimble. 3. Cut the marked wall by using Angle Grinder and Reciprocating Saw. 4. Fit the wall thimble in the cutted wall and fit the pipe outside the wall and after this mark the roof around the pipe.

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  • How to install a wood stove chimney through wall?

  • In order to install a wood Stove Chimney through Wall, you will need the following materials: Socket wrench with extension cord Drill drill bits for brick and masonry Leveling tool Wood stove chimney pipe Chimney flashing kit In addition, if your wall is made of bricks or concrete blocks, it might be necessary to hire a professional.

  • How do you connect a stove pipe to a wood stove?

  • Allow at least inch pitch from the connection through the wall to the wood stove. This way there is a free flow of gasses from the flue. Use sheet metal screws when connecting anything to the stove pipe. Connect with local professionals that can help you with your home improvement projects.

  • How to safely run a stove pipe through the wall?

  • Follow these steps carefully on how to safely run a stove pipe through your wall. Choose a location for your stove pipe. It is best to locate it 36 inches up the wall from the stove. Measure your stove pipe and get its diameter.

  • How much space do you need for a gas stove pipe?

  • Make a 3 inch thick wall made of bricks against any combustible wall to which you want to pass the stove pipe. Have 12 inches of space between the combustible and brick walls. Install your stove pipe. Leave 9 inches of air space between the pipe and any material that is combustible.

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