how to repair rotted wood under shingles

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To repair rotted wood,you鈥檒l need toremove the rot,fill in the gaps,then paint the surface. Use the claw of a hammer to dig out rotted areas from your wood. If there鈥檚 any surface rot or paint on the wood,you can use a paint scraper or coarse sandpaper to get rid of it.

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  • How do you fix a rotted shingle roof?

  • Each shingle is typically secured by eight nails: four through the middle just above the tabs and four through the shingle above it. Pull up the felt paper underneath the shingles. Working your way up the roof, expose all of the rotted wood. Leave the next course of shingles intact by carefully removing the second set of four nails.

  • What causes rotted shingles on a roof?

  • Rotted boards are the result of moisture reaching the wood under the shingles, usually because of faulty shingles. Putting new shingles on when you fix the board should solve the problem. Take safety precautions at every step in the process. You’ll be working on a ladder and perhaps even on the roof itself.

  • How do you repair rotted wood?

  • 1 Claw out rotted wood out with a hammer. Use a claw hammer to dig out loose rot. … 2 Use a router with a V-shaped bit to remove any remaining rotten wood. … 3 Sand off paint and surface rot. Many patching solutions will not stick to existing paint, so it needs to be removed. 4 Apply 4-6 coats of wood restorer to the area. …

  • How do you remove rotten wood from a metal roof?

  • Remove the Rotten Wood. Set the depth of your circular saw to the thickness of the roof decking. Cut away the damaged area. Pry out nails with a claw hammer or pry bar and remove the cut piece. Expose at least two trusses so that you can nail the replacement wood to them to make the replacement section stable.

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