how to resaw wood without a bandsaw

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  • Are wider bandsaw blades better for resawing?

  • In principle, the wider the bandsaw blade, the better it is for resawing due to its higher beam strength and better capacity to maintain a straight line through the cut. However, you want to make sure that the blade you choose is suitable for use on your bandsaw.

  • How to choose the right blade for resawing thick lumber?

  • So, when choosing a blade for resawing thick lumber, make sure that it has a minimum of 3 teeths per inch to be able to cut the stock efficiently. The width of the blade is also very important when it comes to resawing.

  • What can you do with a bandsaw?

  • Apart from multiplying your stock, resawing lumber also help you produce book-match pieces you can use for cabinet making or other furniture projects. If you need veneers for your cabinet making projects, you can use your bandsaw to resaw them off any suitable thick stock of wood at your disposal.

  • What is resawing and how does it work?

  • Resawing involves cutting through very thick lumber. As the blade passes through the wood, the blade tooth shaves off enormous amount of saw dust which goes into the gullet or the space between two teeths of the blade.

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