how to sand treated wood

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Sand the wood twice with amedium grit sandpaper(100 to 120-grit) and twice with a fine grit sandpaper to remove any imperfections and prepare the surface for stain. Clean the wood with a damp rag twice, which serves to both remove any debris and condition the wood.

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  • Can You sand sand and stain pressure treated wood?

  • Sanding pressure-treated wood is actually contraindicated because, as Sand Stain warns, you’ll end up partially removing the protective coating created by the pressure treatment, and the wood will look terrible. All that’s really needed is to clean debris off the wood and then to use a pressure washer or a detergent to give it a good cleaning.

  • What are some tips and tricks for sanding wood?

  • Important Tips and Tricks for Sanding 1 Be sure to take your time, so the job is done right. … 2 Move the sander in the direction of the wood, so that it follows the wood grain. 3 For board edges and railing, you may want to switch to a detail or palm sander for an easier fit and better control. … More items…

  • How do you stain pressure treated wood?

  • Stain pressure-treated wood as you would stain any wood. Select a stain, prepare the surface, ensure the wood is sufficiently dry, do a patch test, and then carefully apply your stain with a brush or a staining pad. Any stain that is designed for exterior use will work to stain pressure treated wood.

  • What grit of sandpaper should I use to sand wood?

  • The grit of sandpaper to be used depends largely on the condition of the wood. If you need to remove a layer of paint, stain or sealer, start with an 80-grit sandpaper and finish the sanding process with two passes of 120-grit to smooth the surface.

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