how to sterilize wooden spoons

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How do you sterilize wooden spoons? To sanitize your spoons, first clean the spoons with warm, soapy water. Next, lay the spoons on a flat surface 鈥?such as a clean baking sheet 鈥?and pour3 percent hydrogen peroxide over them. Wait fifteen minutes, rinse the spoons off and hang them to dry.

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  • How do you clean wooden spoons and utensils?

  • Follow these steps for the proper cleaning and care of wooden spoons, utensils and serving pieces: Use a dishwashing soap ( I use this gentle soap) and the hottest water possible. Dry wooden pieces immediately with a dish towel, to prevent moisture accumulating in the wood and creating mold.

  • How to clean a wooden spoon with hydrogen peroxide?

  • Place your wooden spoon in a basin, pan, or sink. Pour hydrogen peroxide over the utensil. Use your hands or a clean sponge to work it all around the spoon. Let it stand for a few minutes so it can fizz, soak in, and kill germs. Rinse using warm water and either your hands or a clean sponge. Repeat as needed or if desired.

  • How do you condition a wooden spoon?

  • Conditioning a wooden spoon using one of a variety of options will help extend its life. You can use a paper towel or a small piece of clean cloth to administer the oil to the utensil. Let it sit for about 20 minutes, then wipe thoroughly with a clean, unoiled cloth.

  • Do wooden spoons expand in water?

  • Wood expands in water, so soaking the spoons in dishwater is generally not advised. Aside from a few basic rules of care, however, it is not difficult to keep wooden spoons looking like new. It is easiest to clean wooden spoons if you do it immediately after use, before food has time to dry on them.

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