how to swing woods

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To practice swingingyour fairway woods, lay the club that is not your fairway wood on the ground to establish the direction in which you will swing your club. Line your feet up with the club to be in a straight line pointing at the target, and spread your feet shoulder-width apart.

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  • How do you swing a 3 wood from behind?

  • Use the same approach for the 3 wood as you use when driving the ball from the tee. While you’re behind the ball, bend forward towards it. Do a test swing to make sure you are able to move the club back and forth freely.

  • How do you swing a fairway wood?

  • There are two temptations when it comes to swinging a fairway wood. The first is to look up and see where the ball goes immediately upon contact. Your head should be following the natural motion of your hips and arms through the swing.

  • How can I improve my golf swing?

  • Make a shallow divot when hitting the ball to improve your swing. To make a divot, strike the grass with your club. Aim downwards, swinging through the ball without trying to lift the club鈥檚 head off of the grass. Your club will kick up a little bit of dirt. Doing this prevents you from raising the club鈥檚 head as it makes contact with the ball.

  • How to visualize a golf swing?

  • Use the 4-ball technique to help you visualize the swing. Line up 4 balls in a row in front of you. The ball closest to your club should be where you would hit it for the swing, and the other 3 balls should be out to the left of that ball in a row. Now, imagine how you would have to swing the club to hit all 4 balls.

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