how to take care of wooden cutting board

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Mineral oil

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  • How to clean a wood cutting board?

  • It is simple enough to clean a wood cutting board by hand. You only need hot water (turn on the faucet to the highest setting). Use dish soap and a sponge or brush to clean the board. Use hot water to rinse the board and then apply soap. If you prefer, you can use either regular dish soap or antibacterial soap.

  • How do you fix a warped wood cutting board?

  • The wood will absorb water and potentially warp. Use bleach. This will stain the wood and/or excessively dry the wood. Put a wet board flat to dry. If the board dries on one side, it will cause the wood to warp. If your board has stains or smells, you can use lemon juice or white vinegar directly on the area.

  • How can I make my wooden cutting boards last longer?

  • 鈥擟ook recommends squeezing a lemon onto the board, rubbing in, and wiping down with a warm, soapy cloth. Quality wooden boards should last for a long time, especially if you care for them properly. A few things you can do to extend their lifespan? Do not cut on one spot of the cutting board constantly, says Cook.

  • Why is it important to take care of your cutting board?

  • A wood cutting board is one of the most actively used kitchenware items in your home. In order to keep it looking great, and remain a long lasting accessory in your kitchen, it鈥檚 important that you give your cutting board the proper care it requires.

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