how to take care of wooden cutting board

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Mineral oil

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  • How do I take care of my cutting board?

  • Click here to download our care sheet. To avoid bacteria, it鈥檚 important that you wash your cutting board immediately after use. Wipe the cutting board with hot soapy water, rinse it with hot water only and just wipe it dry with a clean dish towel.

  • How do you clean a wooden cutting board with salt water?

  • Pour kosher salt on the stain and add a small amount of water, says Cook. Rub the salt and water mixture into the board with a damp cloth until the stain disappears. Then, wipe down with warm, soapy water and dry.

  • How can I make my wooden cutting boards last longer?

  • 鈥擟ook recommends squeezing a lemon onto the board, rubbing in, and wiping down with a warm, soapy cloth. Quality wooden boards should last for a long time, especially if you care for them properly. A few things you can do to extend their lifespan? Do not cut on one spot of the cutting board constantly, says Cook.

  • How to oil a wood cutting board?

  • 1 Pour the oil: Pour a small pool of mineral oil in the center of the board, about the diameter of a quarter. This might seem like a lot, but it can absorb a lot of oil. 2 Rub it in: Use the rag to rub the oil in small, circular strokes. Do this all over the board, including both sides and the ends. Make sure the oil permeates all the crevices.

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