how to take care of wooden cutting board

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We recommend keeping aspray bottle of vinegarhandy to disinfect deodorize your wood cutting board. Acetic acid (white vinegar) is an excellent disinfectant for E. coli,Salmonella and other household bacteria. Spray vinegar on the wood cutting board,let sit for a few minutes and wipe it with a damp warm cloth.

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  • How do I maintain a wood cutting board?

  • To maintain a wood cutting board, you should season it first. This will help prevent damage with use. Clean the board regularly and re-season it when the oil surface begins to wear down. Avoid doing certain things, like cutting meat on the board, as this could contaminate it. Use mineral oil. It’s best to use mineral oil to season a cutting board.

  • How do you oil a wooden cutting board?

  • You can wipe off anything with a dry paper towel. Then, apply a generous amount of oil to paper towel. Gently glide the paper towel over the cutting board, adding a thin layer of oil to your board. Let the oil soak. Set the board aside somewhere where it will not be disturbed, such as a cabinet. Allow the oil to soak in overnight.

  • Do you have to clean a cutting board after every use?

  • First, remember that it’s essential to clean a cutting board after each use and that wooden cutting boards should be hand-washed. It’s a very simple process: Wipe the board down with warm, soapy water and towel dry, says Mandy Cook of John Boos Co., makers of heirloom-quality wooden cutting boards.

  • How do you clean a sticky cutting board?

  • If your board is sticky, use a paper towel to gently buff out any excess oil. After removing the excess oil, you can safely use your cutting board. Clean your board after each use. Wooden cutting boards should never be set aside to clean later. This can allow food and germs to soak into the board.

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