how to wax wood floors

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The procedure to wax hardwood floors is a simple but time-consuming process and similar to applying wax to car.Dampen a clean, lint-free cotton cloth and dip it into the floor wax. Apply the wax to the hardwood floor lightly and evenly, following the instructions found on the wax packaging.

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  • How do you apply wax to hardwood floors?

  • Rub the wax evenly into your floor with a lint-free cloth, following the direction of the wood grain. Allow the wax to dry (per instructions on the product you鈥檙e using.) Buff in circular motions with a cloth or buffing machine. Liquid wax, or oil wax, is much easier and quicker to apply than solid paste wax.

  • How do I know if my hardwood floors are waxed?

  • If you can feel the texture of your wood鈥檚 grain, the floor has probably been coated with a penetrating oil or wax. To further test the coating, rub an edge of a coin on an inconspicuous area of your hardwood floor. If you find wax buildup on the coin, you can be sure of a wax coating on your floor. How often should you wax your hardwood floors?

  • What is hardwood floor waxing?

  • Why wax hardwood floors? Popularized in the 1940s, waxing is a floor finishing technique in which clear or colored wax, made of a blend of solvents and synthetic and/or natural waxes like beeswax or carnauba, is applied to a hardwood floor in a thin layer and then buffed to a shine.

  • How many times can I Wax my hardwood floor?

  • Liquid waxes, for example, require repeated applications during a single floor waxing session and even solid paste waxes may require more than one coating depending on the type of your hardwood floor.

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