how to wrap a support beam with wood

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Flooring can be applied directly to the beam,just by laying enough pieces to cover it.Spread wood glue on the back of each piece,then tack it in place with finishing nails. Cut pieces as necessary to cover the whole beam.

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  • How to trim and wrap a beam?

  • So, if the length of your beam is 6.5 feet and the length of your wood is only 5 feet, then you should trim another piece measuring 1.5 feet so that your material would be enough to wrap the entire thing. Make sure to sand the ends before you continue with the installation. If you got a new wood, get a hammer and casually beat the wood.

  • How do you cover a beam with metal straps?

  • Remember to also wrap the sides. If you wish to incorporate some character into your work, consider installing metal straps over your beam every several feet. These metal straps can work well in concealing the seams where your woods meet. You may want to use decorative metal straps which were designed to suit the entire beam.

  • What kind of wood do you use to wrap a beam?

  • Buy lumber if you want to stain the wrap to a particular color. You can use basically any wood you want. Whitewood pine is an inexpensive choice that can be made to look like vintage lumber by distressing it. Buy enough wood to equal 3 times the length of the beam (s) you want to cover.

  • How do you cut wood to cover a beam?

  • If the wood you are using is longer than the beam you wish to cover, then you should cut it down to a size that is enough for the beam. Use a ripsaw, table saw, or circular saw to cut the wood. Similarly, you should trim another piece if your wood is not enough to wrap the entire beam.

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