is walnut wood expensive

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  • Why is Walnut so expensive?

  • Expensive: Walnut is an expensive wood, as it is rare and is in high demand. Heavyweight: Walnut is a heavy wood. The heavyweight is due to the high density of the wood. Bastogne Walnut has an Average Dried Weight of 46 lbs/ft3 (745 kg/m3).

  • Which is cheaper oak or walnut?

  • Between oak and walnut, oak is usually easier to source because it grows in the US. Oak tends to be cheaper than walnut and thus the more commonly used. Both kinds of wood are much more expensive than many other types of wood and certainly more than engineered wood.

  • How much does black walnut lumber cost?

  • For Black Walnut, you can expect to pay around $5.25 all the way up to $12.50 per board foot of kiln-dried timber. What does S4S mean? Well, S4S lumber means 鈥楽urface on 4 Sides鈥? This is when you buy wood that comes already prepped, planed and primed to be used straight away (requiring little additional work to 鈥榮traighten鈥?out the wood).

  • Is walnut a rare hardwood?

  • Walnut is more expensive than oak. Oak is more readily available than walnut therefore the cost won鈥檛 be as high. You could go as far as to say that walnut is a rare hardwood because it is just harder to grow and then find in a lumber yard. That could change someday, maybe.

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