what color goes with cherry wood floors

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Sage green

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  • What color walls go with cherry furniture?

  • Beige is an easy color to pair with cherry wood as it is a natural-looking shade that works as a warm neutral color. With undertones of brown and gold, beige brings out the rich tones in cherry wood while also remaining in the background and allowing the wood to really shine as the main feature in the room.

  • What color should I paint my cherry wood floors?

  • For those who have dark color wood floors and want a more beige color, the paint color Sherwin Williams Tres Naturale could be a good choice. See more paint color ideas for dark wood floors here. Sage green might be the perfect color to pair with cherry wood floors. It provides just enough contrast to be visually interesting.

  • What type of flooring goes with Cherry cabinets?

  • Laminate flooring can also be an excellent choice to pair with cherry cabinets. Laminate looks like wood, and you have many options for coloring and style. Again, contrasting with the cabinets will create a cleaner, more attractive look. Stick with the same color family as the cabinetry, but choose something several shades lighter.

  • Should I choose gold or silver for my cherry flooring?

  • If you have cherry wood cabinets, then opt for gold handles and hardware as opposed to silver, as the gold will accent the warm tones in the wood. You could also use shades of gold in soft furnishings in a room with hardwood cherry flooring, for example, gold silk drapes or gold cushions.

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