what color walls with dark wood floors

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Some of the best paint colors for dark wood floors include:White, off-white or cream:You may want to stick with neutral wall colors to complement your dark wood floors since your flooring already has a striking appearance. White, off-white or cream-colored walls add a sophisticated look to your room.

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  • What color should I paint my dark wood floors?

  • Most dark hardwoods are quite neutral and will work with a variety of paint colors, particularly when there’s white trim to bridge the gap between floors and walls. Taking floors out of the equation, choosing a gray paint color can be tricky because of the myriad of possible undertones.

  • What are the different types of hardwood floor colors?

  • Dark hardwood floor colors include wenge, dark oak, hickory, and rosewood. These are beautiful shades of wood that look attractive in any room. But care must be taken when picking the right wall color in order to avoid making the room look too dark or gloomy.

  • What color walls go with oak floors in a kitchen?

  • Greige is a blend of grey and beige, which works nicely alongside dark hardwood floors. Greige walls can be used in any room, including the kitchen. This color is the perfect backdrop to a dark-toned hardwood floor such as oak. In fact, greige is the best neutral color that ties everything together in any room.

  • What color walls go with beige hardwood floors?

  • And since beige is a neutral shade, it can be combined with any furniture or textile color to go with your white or light brown hardwood flooring. Aside from beige paint color for walls, other warm shades that work with light hardwood floors include orange, red or yellow.

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