what do wood frogs eat

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Wood Frogs are small frogs, so their prey is also small. They favor small invertebrates likesmall beetles, worms, millipedes, mosquitoes and slugs. They will also eat other amphibians鈥?eggs. Wood frog tadpoles eat algae and plant matter.

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  • What do frogs eat in the wild?

  • Adults use their long, sticky tongues to catch insects, arachnids, worms, slugs, and snails. Tadpoles are mostly herbivorous and eat algae and decaying plant matter, though they have also been recorded eating eggs or larvae of other amphibians. Wood frogs are one of the first frogs to begin the breeding season, usually in early March.

  • What do wood frog tadpoles eat?

  • In addition to algae and other small plants, wood frog tadpoles also eat larvae and the eggs of other amphibians, including other wood frogs. One of the greatest protective advantages of a tadpole is its ability to swim quickly to evade predators. Also, they can breathe underwater since they are born with gills.

  • Do snakes eat wood frogs?

  • Adults usually live in woodlands and lay eggs in vernal pools. During winter, they take shelter in leaf litter. A variety of snakes eat adult wood frogs. The frogs also fall prey to snapping turtles, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, foxes, and birds.

  • What is a wood frog?

  • What Did You Learn? 1 What is a Wood Frog? A Wood Frog is a frog that is very easy to recognize because of its mask like feature around its eyes. 2 What does the Wood Frog eat? The Wood Frog eats other frogs, insects, small animals. 3 What is special about the Wood Frog? … 4 Where do Wood Frogs live? … 5 How long do Wood Frogs live? …

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