what does unfinished wood mean

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Unfinished wood furniture means thepiece of furniture has been put together by craftsman, but still needs a finish (such as stain or varnish) to be applied.

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  • What does’unfinished wood’mean?

  • In terms of guitars, unfinished simply means the wood hasn’t been painted/lacquered. BC started Jan-15. IM restarted Dec-15. Re: What does unfinished wood mean? That’s what we told him way up top. BTW OP, I forgot to mention… if you look at that picture of the acoustic guitar. You see how the body shines. that you know is finished.

  • What is unfinished furniture?

  • Unfinished furniture is the term used for pieces of wood furniture that can be purchased without a finish already applied to them. There are several reasons to choose unfinished furniture for your home, ranging from cost to refinish furniture to design possibilities.

  • Should I buy solid wood or unfinished wood furniture?

  • Buying unfinished wood furniture allows them the luxury of matching the finish of each new piece of furniture to the pieces they already have. Solid Wood vs. All Wood Furniture First and foremost, decide what quality of furniture you’re looking for and make sure that’s what you’re getting.

  • What is the meaning of the word not finished?

  • not finished, not brought to an end; imperfect; incomplete; left in the rough; wanting the last hand or touch; as, an unfinished house; an unfinished picture; an unfinished iron casting un-fin鈥瞚sht, adj. not finished.鈥?n. Unfin鈥瞚sh, lack of finish.鈥?adj. Unfin鈥瞚shable, that cannot be finished.鈥?n. Unfin鈥瞚shing, the act of leaving unfinished.

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