what does wood filler do

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Like its name suggests, wood filler is a product that is used tofill holes, pores, cracks, blemishes, and seams in a piece of wood. It鈥檚 not just for amateurs: even the most experienced craftsmen face imperfections in their wood and rely on this product to smooth out the rough edges.

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  • Why do you need wood filler for woodwork?

  • These holes could be a small gap in the wood grain, and hence the need for the wood filler to ensure your finishing process (sealing or staining) goes smoothly, with even absorption of the sealant and finish. They are also vital for concealing the head of the nails used for finishing in woodwork.

  • What is wood grain filler?

  • Wood grain filler is a spreadable type of wood filler that you can use to fill the grain of flat interior surfaces, such as tabletops and countertops. You typically spread it with a putty knife and sand it flat before applying the finish.

  • How do you fill a hole in wood with filler?

  • You can use a thicker wood filler to fill up cracks and holes in your wood products. The interior surface of the crack or hole needs to be prepared before you can push the wood filler in. Use sandpaper to smooth out the inside as much as you can, and make sure to remove all the saw dust using a vacuum.

  • What are the different types of wood fillers?

  • Products designed strictly for filling grain come in two varieties: oil/varnish based and water based. Bartley Paste Wood Filler is a classic oil based grain filler, and a top choice for filling grain under oil based wood finishes.

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