what happened to james woods

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JamesWoodpleaded not guilty in court, but was eventually found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder and assault with a deadly weapon. In 1995, he was convicted to life in jail without the possibility of release for murder, with an extra 20 years for robbery.

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  • What happened to James Thomas Wood?

  • Despite this, 24-year-old James Thomas Wood approached authorities and surrendered the day after the murder, on December 25. James claimed responsibility for the killing of Samuel Booth and admitted to stealing $77 in cash and around $40 in crack cocaine from the pastor.

  • What has James Woods been up to since family guys?

  • Family Guys has a long history with acclaimed actor James Woods. And there’s no doubt that James’ voice-over work on Seth McFarlane’s hit Fox animated show is ranked among his most profitable roles. Of course, James has been a prolific actor in Hollywood for decades and has earned himself two Academy Award nominations.

  • Is James Woods really retiring from acting?

  • UPDATED: Actor James Woods, who has said his conservative political views make it hard to get acting jobs, posted a property listing containing an announcement of his retirement from acting on Friday. Woods now says that announcement was in error.

  • Was James Woods blacklisted from Hollywood because of his conservative views?

  • Just weeks after James Woods said he was blacklisted in Hollywood because of his conservative views, the Oscar-nominated actor said he was retiring from the industry. Woods tweeted this summer that he had 鈥渁ccepted the fact that鈥?he was blacklisted from Hollywood because of his views.

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