what is a burl wood

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  • How is burl wood made?

  • Burl wood results from harvesting a tree or a portion of a tree that has a burl. A burl is a growth on a tree formed from unsprouted bud tissue. The burl forms large, knobby looking growths on the base and trunk of the tree. Stress caused by injury, fungus, virus, or insects creates intense grain patterns.

  • What is Burlwood wood?

  • A burl isn鈥檛 a separate wood type, it can occur in any wood when there is stress or some sort of issue happening inside. A burl wood is in ingrown grain in the tree that usually occurs in its trunk or a thick branch. The occurring of grain usually comes in deformed manner in shape of small knots. 鈼?How Is Burlwood Made?

  • What is a burl tree?

  • A burl is a cool-looking, extraneous growth on a tree. Ugly on the outside, but magnificent on the inside, it can form on any type of tree! A burl usually grows when the tree is undergoing some stress, whether it be an injury, virus, or fungal infection.

  • Is burl wood bad for a tree?

  • Often, a tree that has developed burl wood is still quite healthy. In fact, many of these trees can go on to live for many more years. Other trees develop burl wood offshoots that are so large and heavy that they create additional stress on the tree and can cause it to die.

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