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  • Is Birch a hardwood or softwood?

  • Birch woods are soft hardwood, known for making quality flooring and furniture. It gives a great light appearance, birch wood is light in weight and stable wood. Because of its light appearance, it is suitable for indoor furniture and flooring.

  • What is birch wood good for?

  • Birch wood is a hardwood with various species available. Very useful, easy to work, but Birch is perishable, including easy rotten and susceptible to insect attacks. One of the birch species, namely Yellow Birch has an exotic look with straight and wavy grains. Good for furniture, doors, turned objects, etc.

  • How big does a birch tree grow?

  • On average, birch trees will grow to a height of 90 feet and diameter of two feet. The density of birch wood is 40 to 45 pounds per cubic foot. Birch wood traditionally appears creamy white in color in the sap wood and then golden brown in the heart stock. Birch is most usually compared with maple wood in terms of its properties.

  • What is the difference between birch&birch plywood cabinets?

  • Because of the low cost of birch plywood, many cabinets are built with birch plywood, whereas solid birch hardwood is dense, harder to find than plywood and can rival the cost of similar hardwoods. Experienced cabinetmakers often substitute alder, a softer and more affordable cousin of birch, for face-frame material on cabinets.

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