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What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘Knock on wood’? This phrase isused by people who rap their knuckles on a piece of wood hoping to stave off bad luck. In the UK,the phrase ‘ touch wood ‘ is used – often jokingly by tapping one’s head.

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  • What does the phrase knock on wood mean?

  • According to The Conversation, Cambridge English Dictionary and The Idioms, the phrase knock on wood is a superstitious term that is said by a person in order to avoid bad luck. This is either said when you mention hopes for the figure or luck that you have had in the past.

  • Where does the phrase’knock on wood’come from?

  • ‘Knock on wood’ is known from the early 20th century; for example, The Syracuse Herald, February 1905: Neglecting to knock on wood may have been responsible for the weather’s unseemly behaviour today.

  • What is the difference between Knock on wood and Touch Wood?

  • In the UK and other parts of the word, people may opt to say 鈥渢ouch wood鈥?instead of knock on wood. This term is used to bring good luck, and is often accompanied by rapping one鈥檚 knuckles on a nearby piece of wood.

  • What is knock on wood mug?

  • The definition of knock on wood is pretty straightforward. Get a knock on wood mug for your papa Trump. to take one’s hand (which is in the shape of a fist..) and bang it on a dead tree. bob: want a cool glow in the dark harry potter band aid ?? crogi: SA-WEET ! Get a knock on wood mug for your guy Jerry.

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