what is maple wood used for

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Maple wood is commonly used inhigh-end furniture,flooring,cabinetry,and kitchen accessories. Because of its durability and strength,maple can be found used as flooring in bowling alleys and for bowling pins.

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  • What are the uses of hard maple wood?

  • The uses of hard maple are many. Hard maple can be used to make floors, furniture, veneers, pianos, billiard cues, and even cutting boards. Soft maple can be found composing boxes, crates, railroad crossties, furniture, and veneer.

  • What is a soft maple used for?

  • The soft maples are often used as a cheaper substitute for hard maple mouldings, or in applications where the trim is painted. It is used extensively in the box making industry, and often soft maple boxes are then covered with decorative wood veneers. Generally speaking maples are a great all round woodworking lumber.

  • What is maple wood called?

  • What is this ubiquitous wood that we call maple? Hard maple lumber, which is also called sugar maple, sweet maple, black maple and rock maple, comes from two species. Most lumber comes from sugar maple (Acer saccharum) and a small amount from black maple (Acer nigrum).

  • What types of wood are used in furniture making?

  • Maple wood also one of the most popular types of wood used in the making of fine furniture. There are more than 120 species of maple trees, most of which grow in Europe and Asia.

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