what is tiger woods real first name

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Eldrick Tont Woods

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  • What is Tiger Woods’real name?

  • Tiger’s full name is actually Eldrick Tont Woods. It is believed that his mother chose the name Eldrick as it began with an ‘E’ – like his father Earl – and ended in a ‘K’ for her own name Kultida. As the middle name, it is a traditional Thai name, where his mother hails from, loosely translating to mean beginning in English.

  • Is Tiger Woods鈥?real name on his birth certificate?

  • THE name Tiger Woods has become synonymous with golf, with the US superstar picking up 15 majors in his long career. But, it is not his real name, rather a moniker given to his parents as a child – so what is the name on his birth certificate? What is Tiger Woods’ real name?

  • Why is Tiger Woods middle name Tont?

  • The middle name, Tont, however, was likely suggested by Kultida. Loosely translated to English as beginning, Tont is a common Thai name and a nod to Kultida’s Thai heritage. How did Tiger Woods get his nickname?

  • Did Tiger Woods change his first name from Eldrick to Tiger?

  • But everyone knows him as Tiger. Over the years there have been some stories that Woods legally changed his first name from Eldrick to Tiger. But that’s not true. As was confirmed when legal documents from Woods’ divorce proceedings became public, Eldrick remains Woods’ first name and Tiger remains the ubiquitous nickname.

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