what is unsealed wood

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Have no protective layer;

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  • What are sealed and unsealed hardwood floors?

  • As the name suggests, unsealed hardwood floors are floorboards that are not treated with sealants or coated with wax or varnish. Leaving your hardwood floor unsealed makes it prone to damage and spoilage. While unsealed hardwood floors have a certain appeal to them, most modern homeowners prefer sealed hardwoods because of their added benefits.

  • What is the difference between unsealed and unsealed floors?

  • Sealed floors are painted with surface sealants which protect them against damage. In contrast, unsealed floors are unfinished floorboards that are quite susceptible to damage.

  • What happens if you leave unfinished wood untreated?

  • If you let the wood remain untreated, you will eventually be forced to do more potentially damaging treatments to get the wood clean. This means that you should dust or sweep your unfinished wood often (at least once a week), as well as wiping it down with a microfiber cloth a couple of times each month. Clean with a vacuum and a stiff brush. [4]

  • How to clean unsealed hardwood floors?

  • You can treat your floor with natural oil like linseed or jojoba once in a month. This can help to remove residue from the surface and maintain the hardwood floor; liquid floor cleaners or water should not be used. A soft rag should be used to apply the oil on the unsealed hardwood floor and allow it to sit for some minutes.

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