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  • Why is ash a hardwood?

  • Because of being a hardwood with a large porous structure, the density of Ash wood is so much higher than most of the woods and that is also the reason to consider Ash wood as a hardwood. The pores in the wood grain of Ash wood control the spread by allowing the Ash wood grain to become harder and denser.

  • What is ash wood furniture?

  • Ash is a light colored, smooth-grained hardwood that grows throughout the east coast and parts of Canada. With its typical straight grain and beige-to-light-brown hue, ash wood is a very attractive option for fine furniture. It鈥檚 one of the most durable varieties and has an extensive history in American furniture making.

  • What is the grain of ash wood?

  • Ash wood almost always has a straight grain, though the conditions the tree grows in will occasionally create unique patterns. For example, if it鈥檚 strained or succumbs to a pest, that can impact the appearance of the grain. This is referred to as 鈥渇igured wood.鈥?For this reason,…

  • What is the best way to use wood ash?

  • Wood ash is an excellent source of lime and potassium for your garden. Not only that, using ashes in the garden also provides many of the trace elements that plants need to thrive. But. wood ash fertilizer is best used either lightly scattered or by first being composted along with the rest of your compost.

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