what is woods lamp

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Source of long wave ultraviolet light

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  • What is a Wood’s lamp used for?

  • It’s a light that emits long-wave ultraviolet light and can detect fluorescence in skin and hair. A Wood’s lamp can be used to detect bacterial or fungal skin infections.

  • What is an example of a woods light?

  • Scabies and ringworm are examples that glow under UV light. Ophthalmologists may use a Woods light to look for scratches and foreign bodies in the cornea of the eye. In the Esthetic field – A Skin Care Woods lamp may be used when performing a basic skin analysis to advanced chemical peels.

  • What is a Wood’s lamp test?

  • This test may be done to detect the presence of a fungal scalp or skin infection. A Wood’s lamp emits ultraviolet light and can be a diagnostic aid in determining if someone has a fungal or bacterial infection on the skin or scalp. If there is an infection on the area where the Wood’s lamp is illuminating, the area will fluoresce.

  • What is an ultraviolet Woods lamp?

  • The Hand Held Ultraviolet Woods Lamp is designed for exposing conditions that are not visible to the naked eye. The Woods light is used by numerous professions, Medical, Dermatology, Veterinary, Skin care, Law Enforcement, Military, Mineralogy and Gemology.

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