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  • What is a number 15 fairway wood?

  • For example, a Number 15 Fairway Wood has a loft (35-37 degrees) similar to a 7- or 8-iron or equivalent hybrid, but a lower center of gravity which produces higher shots. The number 15 fairway wood 鈥?or 15-wood for short 鈥?has several other advantages over its counterparts.

  • What is a 15-wood Golf Club?

  • The number 15 fairway wood 鈥?or 15- wood for short 鈥?has several other advantages over its counterparts. Where irons and most hybrids feature a shallow clubhead (measured from face to back edge), a 15-wood鈥檚 deeper head inspires greater confidence at address and makes it more forgiving on mishits. longer than corresponding irons and hybrids.

  • Does ispm-15 apply to wood?

  • ISPM-15 standard rules affect both wood and wooden packaging materials such as dunnage, crates, reels, collars and pallets, but alternative materials such as plastic, paper, metal and even wood panel products (engineered wood) such as plywood, hardboard, OSB are exempt from maintaining ISPM-15 standard.

  • Why Choose pages wood?

  • Pages Wood is the largest site in Thames Chase and home to 100,000 trees. This valley of green space offers excellent views as well as a rich mosaic of habitats for wildlife. It’s a great place for children to cycle safely, and also provides a variety of walking opportunities.

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