what sand paper to use for wood

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60-grit sandpaper

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  • What is the best sandpaper for wood?

  • The best sandpaper for wood is a combination of choosing the right grit and the right sander. Did you know the best combination of sandpaper is spread across three machines (belt sander, orbital and palm sander)? In this article learn what sandpaper for wood is best and which grits to use. Sanding wood is a progression.

  • What grit sandpaper should I use for polishing?

  • If you see indications of polishing, resand the wood with 100-grit to rough up the surface slightly for more consistency in stain application. The differing grades of sandpaper and their applications also apply to power tools that use sandpaper.

  • What kind of sandpaper do you use on fandeli wood?

  • Fandeli Assorted Grits come with 80, 120, and 220-grit sandpapers that produce long-lasting finishes. You can strip wood, sand the surface for preparation, and smoothen it into perfect finishes.

  • How to choose the right sandpaper for your project?

  • Sandpapers that have bigger grits are perfect for bigger particles because sandpapers like this have larger scrapes. Henceforth, when we speak of sanding, bear in mind the iron rule. Start sanding using coarser sandpaper to get rid of hard-to-eliminate flaws on the surface, on the spot.

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