what wood to smoke pork

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  • What is the best wood for smoking pork shoulders?

  • Hickory wood is incredibly versatile and can be used to smoke many kinds of meats 鈥?pork, especially. It鈥檚 great for large cuts of pork like pork shoulders and is best when combined with sweeter woods, for example, apple or cherry. That said, it also stands strongly on its own.

  • What kind of wood is best for BBQ?

  • Pecan wood is great for pork ribs and chops and a great way to add a smoky flavor to anything bacon-wrapped. For those of you that aren鈥檛 a big fan of the stronger smoky woods like oak and hickory, pecan wood is a great alternative.

  • What kind of wood goes well with pork?

  • In general, pork goes well with wood from sweet fruit trees like apple, pear, and peach, but can also stand up to heartier woods like hickory and mesquite. Many enjoy mixing woods from both camps for a more complex flavor.

  • What kind of wood goes well with dead Piggy?

  • Pecan wood is a great with most types of dead piggy. I love the mild, subtle flavor and often pair it with a citrus wood (like orange or cherry) to enhance a ham or pork ribs鈥? and don鈥檛 even get me started on pork chops.

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