where can i get free wood pallets

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  • Where can I get a free pallet of lumber?

  • Here are ten sources for free, clean pallets: Bars and craft beer locations. Pet food stores. Feed Tack stores. Stationary shops. Furniture stores. Liquor stores.

  • Where to find clean pallets for sale?

  • Since hardware stores handle dry goods, mostly, this is a good way to find clean pallets. 6. Browse Freecycle Next on our list is The Freecycle Network. Offering a place for people to give and get stuff they need for free, overall, it鈥檚 an awesome website. You can find people offering a variety of different things for free.

  • Where can I buy pallets of furniture?

  • Furniture stores go through a lot of pallets when they get new shipments in, so check with those near you. You might need to see when they tend to get shipments, as they may not be as regular as other stores. Pet food stores in your area are also good options for tracking down pallets.

  • Is there an online classifieds site for pallets?

  • 1001 Pallets is an online classifieds site specifically for wood pallets. Yes, this really does exist! You can post your need for free pallets by creating a listing on the site for free. Make sure you note what size pallets you need and any other information about the specifics you鈥檙e looking for.

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