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  • What are Elle Wood’s Top 10 best outfits?

  • Legally Blonde: Elle Wood’s 10 Best Outfits, Ranked. 1 10 EVEN BRUISER’S GOT STYLE. Look at Bruiser in his little chained necklace! Elle loves to put thought into all of her daily ensembles because she … 2 9 FRUIT LOOP IN A BOWL OF CHEERIOS. 3 8 AUTUMN CHIC. 4 7 SO EARLY-2000S IT HURTS. 5 6 GREEN QUEEN. More items

  • What color is Elle Woods in Legally Blonde?

  • Copy Link Legally Blonde is known for its early 2000s fashions. Legally Blonde (2001) features characters with memorable wardrobes that have helped define the style of the early 2000s. Elle Woods’ signature color is hot pink and she wears it in just about every look, from swimsuits to courtroom ensembles.

  • What would Elle Woods wear to a court case?

  • No one does the serious, studious look better than Elle Woods, proving that you can be fashion-savvy and win a major court case. The keys to this costume are a collared shirt and tie, which are also the easiest pieces to find. The sweater will keep you warm if you鈥檙e out and about in this costume.

  • How do you dress like Elle Woods in the Hunger Games?

  • Ahead, you’ll find all of Elle Woods’ best outfits that you can DIY. You’re not just going as a Bunny, you’re going as Elle Woods as a Bunny. The ’00s mini bag and pink tights will keep your costume true to the film. Tie a length of sparkly pink ribbon around the waist of any structured pink dress to recreate Elle’s iconic courtroom look.

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