where to get wood pallets

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Online Places to Find Wooden PalletsCraigslist. Craigslist is one of the top recommended online places to find pallets because of its 100% free section for each locality.Facebook. Facebook has a couple of ways you can use it to find pallets. …Selling Apps. Use apps designed to help you sell and buy stuff in your area,like OfferUp. …eBay. …1001 Pallets. …

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  • Where can I get free wood pallets?

  • They might be able to give away some pallets to you for free if not for a small fee. A good way to find free wood pallets is to form a relationship with individuals that are either looking for them (and you can work together) or those that have excess that you could take.

  • What types of pallets do we have for sale?

  • So we have some type of pallets like Euro pallets, small and big and block pallets. We have a range of different wood pallets for sale, Euro pallets are more expensive and also each pallet price at 2.00. You can call from 10: am to 5: pm on weekdays and 11 to 3: PM on Saturday.

  • What are wooden pallets used for?

  • Wooden pallets are used for every delivery of shipping goods and equipment. Most of the hardware materials and furniture equipment that have been imported have traveled on pallets and delivered to your local store through pallets. Pallets can be lined up with tracks and on roads, but they are not always free of cost.

  • Where can I buy old pallets in SC?

  • In addition to finding old pallets, they may also be purchased 鈥?typically online. The Home Depot offers recycled pallets and disassembled recycled pallet kits, while pallet wood is also available on sites such as Etsy and Craigslist . This business offers old pallet wood to customers in South Carolina.

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