why are there random stairs in the woods

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Why are there Random Stairs in the Woods Some of the strange stairs in the woods lie miles away from the closest village,without a rational reason. Style, age, condition, and design can vary greatly. There is often no indication of why they鈥檙e here, and their isolation only deepens the mystery.

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  • Do people actually go up the stairs in the woods?

  • One thing that is apparent when reading the numerous accounts of the stairs in the woods is that almost everyone who finds them has an overpowering urge to flee when looking at the stairs. There are almost no stories in which people actually go up the staircases or even get close to them.

  • How dangerous is the staircase in the woods?

  • The staircase that is commonly known as stairs in the woods, doesn鈥檛 have any destination is dangerous, it can lead you to the doors of heaven or can throw you the fire of hell.

  • Where are the most famous staircases in the woods?

  • Names and locations of the most famous staircases in the woods Stairs Phenomenon Name Stairs Phenomenon Country Mount Phnom Kulen Cambodia Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo Italy The Vanishing Staircase 鈥?1940s USA Ghostly Staircase Sweden 5 more rows …

  • What is the story of the staircases in the woods?

  • They tell stories about paranormal disappearances, missing persons cases and unexplained noises in the forest, all of which, they claim, are hushed up by the powers that be. However, the story that really seemed to strike a chord with the readers was the story of the mysterious staircases in the woods.

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