why are there random stairs in the woods

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Why are there Random Stairs in the Woods Some of the strange stairs in the woods lie miles away from the closest village,without a rational reason. Style, age, condition, and design can vary greatly. There is often no indication of why they鈥檙e here, and their isolation only deepens the mystery.

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  • Are there stairs in the woods?

  • Although the majority of the stories of the stairs in the woods come from United States National Parks, people from around the world have begun telling their own tales of mysterious staircases found deep in the forest. There doesn鈥檛 seem to be any pattern to where the staircases are spotted.

  • Why is there a staircase in the woods in New Hampshire?

  • In Chesterfield, New Hampshire, a set of stairs in the woods has earned a legendary reputation. Although not a true mystery, the staircase rouses curiosity. Well, there is a story behind it. During the 1920s, a Parisian music hall singer, Madame Antoinette Sherri, built her 鈥渃astle鈥?in the woods of Chesterfield to serve as a summer retreat.

  • What happened to the staircase in the forest?

  • The stairs disappeared six days later. Two Swedish students who were going to walk are another story about a staircase in the forest. For miles and, probably, for hours when they found a staircase in clearing miles from anywhere, Axel and Isak traveled. Both of them were puzzled but were unable to agree.

  • Is it safe to climb stairs in the woods?

  • Many people have reported about the mysterious stairs in the woods. But it has been recommended by SAR (Search and Rescue) officer, not to climb any stairs you find in the woods. A staircase that leads you to a temple, chapel, or even graveyard is still fine and has reasonable explanations.

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