why does morning wood occur

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Sleep cycles

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  • What causes Morning Wood and how to increase it?

  • The first factor in morning wood is the hormonal change that occurs in your body while you sleep. During sleep, testosterone levels in your body reach their highest levels. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, responsible for everything from male sexual characteristics such as a deep voice and facial hair to sex drive.

  • How many times a day do you get Morning Wood?

  • Most men experience morning wood three to five times every night, irrespective of what they dreamt of. The duration of a nocturnal penile tumescence can be up to thirty minutes. During their sleep, some men can have an erection that lasts as long as two hours. But during waking hours, most of these erections become suppressed.

  • What causes a lack of Morning Wood in men?

  • Sleep conditions like apnea which affect sleep quality can have an adverse effect on morning wood. A hormonal imbalance, particularly affecting sex hormones (testosterone) can affect morning wood and less commonly, a lack of morning wood is an early stage of a health problem like erectile dysfunction.

  • What is the history of Morning Wood?

  • The earliest recorded history of morning wood dates back to the 15th century when ecclesiastical juries would observe men accused of having erectile dysfunction while they slept to see if they got erections in their sleep. If he couldn鈥檛, his wife was allowed to divorce him.

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